Some Thoughts on Love

Lately, I’ve had some thoughts on love and its place in our lives as Christians.  This is going to make me come off as one of the emergent Church types, but I think we use the word “love” far too often in our everyday vocabulary.  I “love” grape sodas.  I “love” Macy’s.  I “love” playing basketball.  Love is supposed to represent a deep connection with someone, for it is a word that is mean to be used in relation.  We do not have a relation with a drink, store, or sport.  We consume, use, and play these things.  These are things that cannot react to us.  Simply by the fact of their non-sentience, they cannot be in relation with us.

By the repeated use of the word “love” we cheapen the thing the word represents.  For love to exist, it must be given to someone able to recognize and reciprocate it.  Do not mistake me, love does not have to be reciprocated to exist, but I do think that love has to have the opportunity to be reciprocated to exist.  Otherwise, it is merely a masturbatory existence.  Love exists as an extension of us.  As we walk this road of life, we grow and change along the path.  Because love is an extension of ourselves love changes just as we do.  We change, how we feel about ourselves changes, and how we feel about those whom we love changes (does not mean we cease to love someone just because that love changes).  I have experienced how my love for others has changed, and it is precisely because of this that that the everlasting love of God[1] is so startling.

Just let that sit with you for a moment, the love of God does NOT change.  Despite this shifting world, despite our changing selves, the love God has for us does not shift or change.[2]  Our lives are ever-changing whether we know it or not.  Our perceptions change, our values change, where we live changes, the jobs we work change.  Hell, ultimately people die and their absence changes our living.  Despite this maelstrom of change, the love of God for us does not.

I’m not saying anything new or startling, I know.  Recently I’ve experienced changes in how I’ve felt about people whom I love, and the idea of an ever-loving, never changing God just floored me.  Anyway, just some thoughts.

[1] Psalm 36:7, Psalm 48:9, Jeremiah 31:3, Psalm 136:26, Lamentations 3:22-25, Luke 12:6-7, 1 John 4:9, John 3:16, Romans 8:35-39.  Just to name a few examples.

[2] I warned you that I was going to come off as one of those emergent Church types.  I’ll start wearing black-rimmed glasses any day now.